Brigit Hamilton


Born and raised in Christchurch, Brigit grew up in a creatively talented sales family, so sales and marketing was always going to be her forte.

Initially involved in the Hotel Management industry, a role with Regent Hotels took her to many different countries where she gained an excellent understanding of customer service and an insight into various cultures.

Brigit has had extensive experience in media sales and marketing to businesses at both a local level with CTV and then at national level with TVNZ. 

Brigit spent 16 years in Asia where she not only raised her family of 3 children but also built a successful jewellery business exporting out of India and Indonesia to retailers worldwide, as well as direct to customers online.

Having a strong sales and marketing skill set, combined with good communication and the ability to build relationships, Brigit is an extraordinary salesperson who will obtain a successful result for you.

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